How it all started

It all started in Brooklyn, NY in 2010. I started to look into jewelry making to express an aesthetic that I was not seeing much of in the market at the time. I was not seeing anything out there that I liked for myself so I decided to make my own.

I signed up for an intro carving class at a small jewelry workshop in my neighborhood. I was only able to complete part of the workshop due to some anxiety I was dealing with at the time but I felt like it was enough information to jump start my adventure.

Each piece I design and create is a lesson for me, I continue to grow as I create new pieces. Iā€™m attracted to all aspects of making and creating, and I am excited to expand into making many different things in the future.

Stories Told Through Objects, Objects That Invoke Curiosity...
— M.K. Curio


I've always been a creative person who loves to work with physical tools, analog mechanics and my hands.

With a never ending curious personality that has led me to traveling further then I have ever imagined myself.  Seeing worlds I never thought to have seen.  I take inspiration in cultures, history, the past and what is to come, spiritualism, and animism and apply it to my creations.

Everything is designed and made by hand, one piece at a time. With this process the turn around time for each piece takes time. I like to work with each client to make sure the sizing is perfect before we move onto casting. I know ordering rings online can be nerve racking, especially if it is for someone else. I have developed a process that is stress free and easy to implement.