Boutique Accessories

M.K. Curio is a combination of my initials and Curio is a word that clings to me.  I am and always have been a very curious person.  I like to think that my jewelry invokes curiosity in others.  

I am in love with stories told through objects.  Collections of beautiful images that stitch together a fiction or a dream. 

Inspired by duality, ritual and the ideas that lurk in the shadows or shine in the light.  As I teeter between futurism and vintage aesthetics in life.  I like to imagine my pieces as relics of a futures past. 

These are the intangible that manifest into the jewelry I create.  


 M.K. Curio was created in 2011 in my Brooklyn, NY apartment.  It has since then traveled with me back to Seattle, WA where I was born and raised.  I still continue to work with the small family owned casting and mold making company in NYC that has been with me from the very start of things.  Because of this distance my pieces take a little longer than usual to complete.  I don't like to rush completing a piece and have a hard time sending them off to you until I feel like they are truly finished.