M.K.Curio is a place and a person.  Specifically here and me.

M.K. Curio is a combination of my initials, Curio is a word that clings to me.  I am and always have been a very curious person.  I like to think that my jewelry invokes curiosity in others.

I am in love with stories told through objects.  Collections of beautiful images that stitch together a fiction or a dream.  

Inspired by duality, ritual and the ideas that lurk in the shadows or shine in the light.  As I teeter between futurism and vintage aesthetics in life.  These are the intangible that manifest into the jewelry I create.  I like to imagine my pieces as relics of a futures past. 

I am currently working in cast metals mostly sterling silver and brass.  

Instagram  @mkcurio
Facebook: facebook.com/mkcurio/