Duality - Ghostkat Curio

Duality is a very constant thing in my life.  With my work I obsess with the duality of shadow and light, dull and high glinting shine.  I love black and white photography.  Darkness and light in folklore and mythology.  It is a constant thing in my behavior and what usually draws me in.  

My duality in life is that I can come off as a serious, gloomy maybe dark person.  Intense in thought and insanely shy and awkward around those who I don't know very well.  But on the inside when you do get to know me I am a very different person.  I love all those dark things but equally also love a gathering of childish, whimsical, kawaiiness.  

I want to talk and share about all the things the consume me but I feel like they are so very different and one does not intertwine very well with the other so with that I have started a different blog where I can share those other things.  Ghostkat Curio is my blog where I will mostly talk about the games I'm playing along with a lot of my travel logs, snack obsessions and everything else in between.   P.S. Ghostkat is my warlock in World of Warcraft ;D, yes that's what I'm talking about.